Who Am I in 10 Words?

A famous person once said,

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. -Bruce Lee

Living my life for 17 years, and counting, has been a blast-full of experience. Lessons, mistakes, opportunities and events— helping me mold myself into what I am today. In this blog post, I will try to explain who I am from years and years of shaping personalities in just 10 descriptive words, whether good or bad!


  1. Virgo-Rabbit.

                I am born on August 26, 1999. Roman Astrology presents that I am a Virgo, and it says that Virgos are perfectionists (I approve this), takes their responsibility seriously (I overstress too), don’t like too much of socializing, and generally too critical about themselves (I often criticize myself). Chinese Astrology also says that Earth-Rabbits are straight-forward, ambitious (highly), hard-working, persistent to seek solutions, melancholic, and stubborn. However, these are just astrology and I know that my life shouldn’t be defined by these signs and predictions.


  1. Musically-Inclined.

                I really love music, and it’s already laid a strong foundation in my life. Music is there if I’m joyous, indifferent, sentimental, or just alone and wants company. I also have a blog post dedicating to my favorite artists, albums or songs. The thing is, I am always on the journey to discover music and to find fresh new tunes. There are those that I don’t like, and there are those songs listed to my “To Download” list. I also play the keyboard or piano, albeit I am not good with, I play it because it serves as my daily outlet.


  1. Gastronomer.

                It’s an informal word that incorporates “gastronome” or a lover of good food, and “astronomer” or one who explores the universe. In other words, a person who likes to explore the universe of good food! I like to eat until I feel full, reaching to the extent that I can’t eat anymore for a range of few hours, unless there’s dessert. But doesn’t mean I’m a foodie that I generally like all foods there are worldwide. I am a foodie because I am willing to explore the variations of cuisine. If I like it, then I could order another serving of it. However if I don’t, then I thank the experience. I am also a sweet tooth—be it cakes, chocolate, confectioneries, sour candies and etcetera.


  1. Ambivert.

                I often possess both attributes of an introvert and an extrovert. There are some days that I like to go out, socialize and just frolic with friends. And then, there’s those days where I feel like just lying in bed, browsing memes, and listen to Youtube videos. I like the company of others but only those I am already comfortable with. At first, I may have that shy, strict and intimidating impression but once people know me, I can be noisy and just plain gibberish.


  1. Past-dweller

                Because of my overthinking ability, I am sometimes sentimental and self-criticizing. I blame and hate myself for the things that are happening to me right now, and I recall what I’ve done in the past days, months or years, wishing that I could turn back time. However, because of this, I am able to be aware of my mistakes and grow from it. The past can teach you so many things so that in the future, you are more mature, accepting and sentient. Criticizing yourself isn’t also a bad thing because in that way you are able to assess yourself and to know your limits and abilities more.


  1. Procrastinator.

                Yes, I admit, I am sometimes lazy. When being flooded by responsibilities, I am often tempted to visit social media or do any other thing rather than actually doing the job. I procrastinate for hours or days until I am stuck on the deadline or a day before the deadline. Because of this, I am prone to cramming and pulling all-nighters trying to finish tasks or projects. I also have this weird habit of doing “group” works individually, and I’m disappointed with myself for volunteering. I have a problem with sleep too, and sometimes while doing a task, I get tempted by my bed and try to nap for a while, but ending up waking the next morning without even finishing what I’m working!


  1. <70% OC.

                No, I am not diagnosed with a mental sickness called Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, it just so happened that I can have tendencies about it. I over-think about things that are not likely to happen, and I seldom think stuff about the probability of accidents, and disturbing images of horror and irreverence. I sometimes exaggerate order and arrangement, to the point where everything must be organized, be in place and clean. However, I can control these tendencies because I know overstressing the unstressable is not healthy. Yet, one thing’s for sure— I really do keep my stuff neat and organized (most of the time).


  1. Vertically-Challenged

                This is a euphemism for being short and stout, and I admit for being one. I blame myself for sleep depriving and not getting enough nutrients when I am still in my growing years. Now, I’m left with this height of probably 5’0 ft, and I am shorter than most males. Most of the time, I look up (in a literal sense) to most people, and being a short male is a very daunting experience that I have to live with for my whole life. The thing is, it is kinda acceptable for females to be short, but for males… it’s sometimes self-depreciating. But I just have to accept this height, and see it as a good attribute; for example, not being exploited by others to reach high things. This is who I am, and I will not let my life down because of my “down-height”.


  1. Late

                I will come clean, and I admit being frequently tardy, but not most of the times I guess. My tardiness may be rooted from my tendency of procrastinating, working on deadlines, and having trouble with sleep without even setting an alarm before sleeping. I sometimes come to school 10-30 minutes late. I sometimes pass projects beyond schedule. And I sometimes forget something until someone reminded me. I have problems with my work habits so maybe if I work on this habit, I can cure all the underlying side-effects.


  1. Aspiring

                I like to dream, and when I do, I tend to get ambitious and enthusiastic. My goals in life are to be a Certified Public Accountant, reach the highest degree of my career, and to have a successful future. Of course, although it sounds pretty much cliche, I also want to help others and especially, my family to repay all the things that they have given to me. In order to obtain these, I need to work hard to finish my education, and I should also be resilient to challenges and trials. Someday, I’ll be able to buy things that I’ve always longed for. And someday, I’ll be able to help others through the demonstration of my soon-to-be-profession.


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