Even though it sounds cliché, but I will come clean—Music is my life. It’s been there in every mood and every place to company me to a rhythmical fantasy far from reality. Music has been my perfect escape, my great get-away and the friend who I can listen to. To be frank, I’ve always been on the journey into finding new tunes; new tunes to fill me up to the brim with their lyrics and musicality. Listed below are some of my favorite artists and genres. Emphasis on “some” since there are still those artists and songs which I find interesting and worthy to listen to.


Halsey, Melanie Martinez, Troye Sivan, Twenty-One Pilots

                   Their music is my perfect get-away when I just want to escape reality through their work. Halsey’s deep lyrics, Martinez’ dark and scary atmosphere, Sivan’s ambient and evocative music, and the Pilots’ amazing fusion of pop and hip-hop together with their lyrics that are just too real that it gets to the aspects of politics and consumerism. Their music just astonishes me that they are able to incorporate great wordings with excellent beats and stunning overall musicality. No matter how many times I play their songs on repeat, I will never grow out of it. Sometimes there are days where I just get confused on which album to pick—Halsey’s Badlands, Martinez’ Crybaby, Sivan’s Blue Neighborhood or the Pilots’ Blurryface. To be frank, I even set daily schedules for each of their albums and which days to play it!



Madeon, Zedd, Porter Robinson

                   I can’t consider their music to be Electronic Dance Music, albeit there are those songs of theirs that manifested it sometimes; however their music is not generally flooded with bass drops, heavy beats and repetitive lyrics. It is in fact filled with great wordings together with the fusion of catchy beats, and synths and electronic instruments that makes up the overall musicality amazing! One of my favorites from each of the artists are Madeon’s Innocence, Zedd’s Addicted to a Memory, Robinson’s Sad Machine, and the new collaboration of Madeon and Robinson called Shelter that features an astounding piece of work backed with a beautiful and evocative anime music video. Collectively, their music is great for another refill of vigor and energy that makes you dance to the beat while contemplate to the abstract lyrics.



Yiruma, Joe Hisaishi, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy & others

                   Black and white keys for black and white memories. Whenever I feel alone, reminiscent, deep and critical, their pieces are the perfect escape into an unfathomable realm of music. Actually I can even name a lot more composers to this genre but it would take quite long, so I just listed some of my favorites to which most of their compositions are those that I already listened to and played on repeat. Just imagine, rainy nights while sitting on a window sill with hot coffee by your side, their music are just the right thing to accompany you. Moreover, as a keyboardist or pianist as myself, I have taken quite a lot of influence from their compositions and I even tried playing their pieces.


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